How YOU can help Syrian refugees

In the past months, the exodus of Syrian refugees to Europe and North America has flooded the media and headlined politics. It is important to realize that the Syrian Refugee Crisis has been ongoing since 2011. Syrians continue to flee the violence and destruction at the hands of Bashar Al Assad’s regime and other local threats like ISIS. Despite the media’s focus on ISIS, 95% of civilian deaths were caused by the Assad regime. Until the Assad regime steps down, peace cannot prevail in Syria and refugees cannot return to their homes. The only way to make that happen is to pressure YOUR government and representatives to adopt this policy, as well as a no fly/no bomb zone.

For up-to-date information please follow The Syria Campaign.

HERE is a good list of organizations, big and small, helping Syrians.

In addition, here are organizations that Faisal has personally worked with:

Voices of the Children

Karam Foundation

The Syria Fund